Wednesday, November 19, 2008

..... Dang ...It's Cold!

Wooo teeth are chattering and my fingers feel like icicles!! What makes this weather worse is the fact that our heat pump on the first floor needs a new compressor. It's not top on the list of repairs right now.... My mission tomorrow when I head to Raleigh is to pick up a couple of space heaters to do the job...Luckily, we have another heat pump that heats the second floor so we don't freeze at night...This house is proving to be a money pit and we have been finding out the hard way...little by little...I love it but it's constantly surprising me!

Unfortunately, our cable TV hook-up is on the first floor...we have to turn the TV louder to drown out our teeth chattering! Okay, I'm exaggerating a little... Who would've ever thought the weather would be so cold here in the South? Growing up in southwestern VA was cold at times but I thought for sure that moving south of that would be warmer!

Well, I gotta get going...take my shower and settle in under twenty blankets to watch my favorite show...Ghost Hunters...Love it and never miss it... Jason and Grant are the best!!

Take Care,


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