Friday, May 2, 2008

A Beautiful May Morn...

It's that time of the year when the days are brighter and longer. I'm sitting at my computer looking out over the many trees in our "new" yard. We just moved here last July and the house is has a very nice colonial look and as you well know by now...I LOVE colonial!! However, our backyard is very woodsy and very overgrown. We knew it would be an issue when we moved in because it really looks like a snake den back there! I had the "pleasure"...ick! of seeing a couple snakes last year...on our front and back stoop!! You can be sure that kept me in for a great deal of the summer!! While it is scary for me-I have severe snake phobia!LOL It is very beautiful to sit inside and look at. I see many different kinds of birds from Blue Jays to little noisy Wrens on the branches...Our second floor is level with the tree canopy and it looks beautiful from up here... Unfortunately, I know that if I ever want to walk in my backyard...something has to be done. I hate to think of the chaos it will cause their little worlds but we are the last house on our street to harbor a rainforest for a backyard and I'd like to see any snakes before they see me! One day soon we'll get our estimates...Until then, I really do enjoy the view!
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