Sunday, April 27, 2008

Peaceful Weekend...

I can't believe another weekend has come and gone! This one was a very restful and enjoyable one. I love it when there's no stress and things just flow...I spent most of the day on Saturday in my attic sewing room. I love's a great little space...I'll have to post pictures of it ...either here or in my picturetrail one day. I put on my early american music and sew away most of the day. Whenever I get a little tired of my dollies, I like to piddle around with quilt blocks. One day I would love to actually finish a quilt...I have been trying for over 10 years now... Playing around with the fabrics is the draw for me...actually completeing and assembling just don't seem so appealing!! I would love to whip up a log cabin quilt one day and list it on my website...I'll put that on my "To Do" list. :0)
I did manage to get pictures of my new dolls. I posted another listing on Ebay tonight and will be adding to my website as well as my picturetrail tomorrow. I love it when everything comes together! Life is very good. :0)
My daughter, Rebecca is watching me type and wants the computer...she'll have to wait until I finish this...I guess I'm finished for now...Please check out my new won't be disappointed!!
Take Care,

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Doreen said...

Hello Tina. What a lovely blog and you have. Very, very colonial and lovely. Your website is lovely as well. I found you through The Beecharmers Cottage website and I enjoyed my visit very much. I will defeinately be back.