Tuesday, March 7, 2023

~ Gratitude ~

Gratitude is a positive love energy that flows from the heart.
Choosing to live in gratitude means that you are thankful
for what you have & you are thankful for each day. Wealth
and abundance comes in many forms and in this 3D world we tend
to think of it as what we have and how much more we can acquire.
However, when we look at wealth and abundance in a different
and more spiritual way, it is the joy of waking from another sleep.
The joy of the little wren in the backyard singing to it's heart's content.
It is also the joy of the mundane, getting wrapped in thought as 
everyday tasks are completed  ~   and in being in the moment.
We were not put here to exist but to live. Living a life of joy and
gratitude means that you are aware of your surroundings. You see the
little things and are so happy to be able to see them. 
You embrace all that you are and all that you have with love and grace.
 Focusing on what makes you happy
and content each day creates positive energy flow in your life. You
emit a higher frequency that others want to be around. The universe will even
notice your love energy and help you create and manifest the life you want. That
old saying, "life is what we make it" is blunt and true. Spend your time
living in gratitude and appreciating the little things that make your life unique
and enjoyable. Daily affirmations and prayers of gratitude will change your life.
 " I AM grateful for my life and all that is in it"

~ Blessed Be ~

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Nancy said...

I am grateful for this World. We must take care of it!