Tuesday, November 1, 2022

~ Shadows ~


                                            Ghosts are with us all the time. They
are the intangible spider webs that weave through
our mind creating worry and stress in our everyday  life.
When you constantly think about past events or find yourself having
mindful conversations with 
people who are not with you...your shadow is at play.
They constantly replay their message like a residual ghost
trapped in time. Sadness, regret, worry and
melancholy become woven into your life.
When you find yourself dwelling on the past or
the emotions of events start to plague you. 
Experience them and let them flow through you.
Verbally release them and tell them they are
not welcome. Rid yourself of these unwanted
thoughts and conversations. You have your free will to
absolve their grip on you  and to  create a much
more peaceful and happy life for yourself.
Leave the past in the past...live life in the present!

~Blessed Be~


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