Tuesday, August 16, 2022

~ Stay Positive ~


                       When things don't go your way ~ stay positive.
When things don't go as planned ~ stay positive ~  You were never in
charge anyway!  When people don't treat you the 
way that you think they should ~  stay positive ~
they are dealing with their own problems.   Remain
in your positive space when it feels as if all is
crumbling around you. 
We carry a lot of worry, fear and sorrow in our mind. Find
time every morning and evening to center yourself and clear
your mind of the clutter that it collects every day. 
Let your emotions flow through you...Releasing  negative
energy opens up space for positive energy  to flow in...
A good cry, when needed, is an energy release.
We live in  very special times & Time always brings changes.
Open your heart to those changes and always
look forward...Never give up!




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