Sunday, January 23, 2022

~ A Different Path~


These last few years have been very, very deep and retrospect for me...
My concept of the past and the future have both shifted considerably and I
have become a stronger person.
 I no longer fear what I am told to fear and I have a totally different perception of what
reality really is...I am not conforming & My  thoughts and beliefs are my own... Once you know, you can't not know...However, everyone is on their own path  & I respect that.

It's hard to  see any man-made institution/organization in the same light again and I will
never believe anything that I am told without taking it with a grain of 
salt and doing my research first. This great quote applies
to more than sheep: " Sheep are taught to fear the wolf when
it is the shepherd who eats them."


I am travelling down a different path now...the path of enlightenment. Question it all and research as much as possible. The truth is often hidden in plain sight just  Open your mind and your eyes. 
 Now my thoughts are out in the universe. 
 Rabbit holes are meant to be explored!
Blessed be

*Thank you for reading this*

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