Thursday, October 25, 2018

~ Tabitha's Dilemma~

 As we move further into Fall and away from Summer, the house
is growing cooler and darker...Our large windows are like incubators in the
Summer with sunshine and warmth pouring into the house...luxuriously warm & cozy...
a cat paradise.
House kitties that used to bask and roll in the abundant warmth and light
are now sitting patiently at the windows wondering why it's so
dark and cold...
 Sometimes enterprising but cold kitties can find warmth in the 
strangest places...even if it requires a little shape- shifting...
But I know, deep down, that they are anxiously awaiting for the space heaters
to magically appear once again... & judging by the won't
be much longer...brrr!



Judy Smith said...

Beautiful cats! Do they love hooking as much as mine does?

The Burlap Owl said...

Yes...they love wool more than I do! lol