Tuesday, May 9, 2017

~ Planted Pretties ~

 We have been blessed with a second week of cool and refreshing
temperatures...I wish the summer could remain this way...My hot flashes
have finally cooled down!!
 It's been a great time to head to the greenhouse and to Lowe's to
stock up on plants and herbs for the summer...I love to see the pops of pink, purple,
yellow, orange and red...all are inspiration for future rugs...Color has become
a "have to have" with me as I get older!!
Then there's always the established and trustworthy herbs that keep coming back...
Even though there is no bloom present, nothing is more beautiful than bee balm
in it's early stages...Green is very soothing and relaxing...need that!! lol

~Wishing you a season filled with new growth and lots of color!!~
Take Care,

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