Sunday, December 18, 2016

~ A Quick Listing ~

As the year comes to an end...I am trying to tidy up loose ends
and start new threads. This whale rug has set on my
frame for a couple of months now waiting to be finished. 
I am sure that he is as happy as I am to have him off of my frame... finally!!
Please drop by and check him out in my Etsy shop...
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Lori from Notforgotten Farm said...

He is beautiful! looks like he should come live with me to be with his 'cousin!'
Keep that hook going, Miss Tina ~ you're very good at it!
A Blessed Yuletide to you & yours, and give Mom and Jacob hug for me!

The Burlap Owl said...

Hugs and kisses sweet friend...and kindred spirit!