Sunday, February 21, 2016

~ A Day Well Spent ~

 Today was a beautiful day. The sun was warm and bright and the birds were
chirping loudly...a perfect early Spring day. I took a little stroll
out to the flower beds and found some beautiful color popping through the
soil...This was so nice to see when the dominant colors have been gray
and brown...everywhere.
 It was also a beautiful day to work on some new "old" dolls. They
have been bathed in my walnut dye and then given a second bath today
to darken them a tad bit more. I am in doll-making mode now  and will 
be adding them to my website, Etsy and EWM sites in the future.
One of  my favorite things when creating  dolls is going through my fabric stash
and picking out their future dresses. I like to imagine what color and pattern
will look best for the doll that I have in mind. Sometimes it takes hours
to choose the fabrics because each doll has it's own personality. It's just so much fun...
time flies by so fast!
Tomorrow I will start dressing them properly and soon they will be added to my sites... I
have many more in the works... plus rugs...
so please check back soon!
Take Care,
~ T ~


susan hemann said...

How wonderful! I too like to pick out fabric for my dolls. I usually pick the fabric for their clothes and then make the doll.

Lori from Notforgotten Farm said...

love your dolls Tina ~ and you! glad to see your flowers coming up too ~ our daffy's are up but my snowdrops are almost blooming :)