Thursday, July 30, 2015

~ Zinnias & Such ~

 Geraniums were once my favorite summer flower... Alas, I still
have a soft place in my heart for a pot full of coral geraniums...
and I do still love my coneflowers, bee balm and  sunflowers...but...

This year I am head over heels for zinnias! I have
a big patch of them planted in my flower bed  and 
I stare at them when I walk by ...I even stare at them
through my window!!  There are so  many different colors out there but 
the orange blooms in particular  have caught my eye...Fall is just
around the corner and orange is calling to me!!
I do have a few items with "orange" things in them ready for
Early Work Mercantile tomorrow night. Please drop
by and take a look

Take Care,

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Primitive Stars said...

Morning, your Zinna's are so pretty. I planted red Zinna's at the lake and they are beautiful. Blessings Francine.