Wednesday, February 18, 2015

~ Icy Artic Woolens ~

 Well, we definitely got iced a couple of days ago...and it's still
here!! Yesterday was so cold... so nothing melted...No matter
how much I wished. 
 Today is supposed to bring us a few hours of temps above freezing.
..and maybe the possibility of a little melting.
A new Artic Front is on the horizon and due to arrive here
tomorrow night...It looks like Narnia  out there!
In the meantime, the wool bundles have come out and a new
rug is in the works...Shades of blue, aqua and charcoal 
have been gathered and need to be cut today...
I am really looking forward to pulling that first loop...
but the planning is thrilling too!!

~ Stay Warm~
Take Care,

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