Monday, July 21, 2014

~ Great Time~

 We are back from a wonderful time and show over the weekend.
It was so refreshing to get out once again and talk to everyone.
 It was a little hectic leading up to the show but all things fell in place...
some at the last minute!!
 We had nice full tables with a variety of heavily stained and aged goodes...yeah!!
...and the space we were in was great too.
I just want to thank everyone who dropped by, it was so nice to see you all. I will be updating my sites soon... I mean it...I am long overdue!
Take Care,


Blessings in the Country said...

Getting out and talking to others is always good for the soul! Glad you had a good time! ~Jessica

ScarecrowCabin said...

Love your booth, Thanks for sharing.

Elisabetta said...

Wonderful!!! I love everything!