Monday, September 9, 2013

~Vitamin B Equals Progress ~

 Sweet September is here! I have been busily making things these last few weeks, trying hard to get a little stockpile of "stuff" for the upcoming week!!! Things are starting to come together and there are boxes of "parts and pieces" in every room...I just need to stay focused to get it all together in time.
Unfortunately, my energy level has been sagging lately because of "the change" and I doze off before I know it...especially while hand sewing ... but I guess it wasn't until I fell asleep more than once whilst changing channels on the television that I finally reached for my first bottle of vitamin B (it's great!!)...Falling asleep between clicks does not make those who are watching television happy so I got yelled at a few times!!
Anyway, I digress, today was my painting and staining day and unfortunately there's many more busy days like this to come...Tomorrow, I will need to spend some time in the attic sewing pumpkin heads and bodies...then more painting and staining on the deck...I think I will need a case of vitamin B to get through this!!!
Take Care,

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Green Creek Primitives said...

Hi Tina, Think that is what I need, I was on vitamin B years ago, it does work, think I need to get back on it, might need a case of it, just so tired. I did get all the fall stuff finished, love your creations. Your fall doll I purchased from you several years ago is one of my favorite. Take care, Vicky