Friday, August 9, 2013

~ Thirty-Six Hour Days~

 While sitting briefly with my peeps and dealing with my flaring  "menopause moments", I realized how long it has been since my last post on this blog... I have no idea where the time has went...I move from one medium to the next while mixing in the outside world too... Sun-up to sun-down, all 36 hours are over before I know it!!! What?? ... It sure feels like 36 hours!!...
I have spent a couple of days in the sewing room this week, making a dent in my "To Do" list... Today was a nice clear day with high humidity, like a sauna!!  It was perfect for drying my first load of witches, pumpkins and crows...and they dried completely despite my getting them out there really late!!... This weekend will be spent stuffing them and maybe painting a few...if I'm ambitious!!
 It has been a long while since I last poured chalk ware  and ,with some help from my son, I was able to get a nice batch of animals poured earlier this week...It saves a lot of time when you have a helper ...even if it's just taping the molds together!!  They will all  need to dry out some before I can clean them and then  paint them...I think I'll move to rug hooking next while I am waiting...I have got to get at least one pumpkin rug finished!!
On a calmer note ... When I occasionally come up for a breather, I step outside on the deck and watch the butterflies...A ripe banana is all you need to coax them to visit ... We are getting a "herd" of regulars now that stay around all day ... In fact,  they show up every morning  searching for bananas before I can get them out there... I am growing very fond of them  and of relaxing!!!
For all of you whippersnappers out there, doing all of these things  with flaring "menopause moments" is like doing them all with a ball and chain attached to your ankles...However, life is still good (amen) and menopause goes away eventually!
~Stay Cool~
Take Care,


Raymond Homestead said...

I feel so lazy after listening to all you have got accomplished! I have yet to get back in to my creative mode. What a beautiful butterfly.

Lori from Notforgotten Farm said...

I can so releate my friend ~ this MENopause stuff really does stink...why can't i ever have a hotflash in february????
hoping you bring your chalkware to our gathering (hint hint!)
Blessed be,

Sandra said...

Menopause does go away (I can vouch for that), but it's a bear while it is visiting. Your upcoming products look and sound amazing. Can't wait to see them. I hope to be at Lori's Gathering this year. Cannot wait to meet you. Been following your Blog for a long time. Mine is (Homespun Elegance.
See you soon, hopefully,

Ronda said...

Such a busy time!...Menopause is the this point I'd rather continued with the monthly's for the rest of my life, at least you knew you were on zapped for a couple of days each it's everday..ughh.

happy creating..
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