Monday, July 15, 2013

~Tiny Toadstool~

We have been living in the tropics lately. Our humidity levels are high and due to the Bermuda High that has been parked off our coast, we have been getting heavy downpours and it has been just miserably moist here...I was turning in the driveway the other day and noticed this little fellow...I have never seen a toadstool like this ...I keep looking for a little gnome to appear alongside it one day!!

I am in the home stretch now  finishing up last minute touches on lots (too many!!) of items
for the show. It is coming up fast...Saturday!!  I think I could use a little gnome and a bunch of elves to get me through this!!

Take Care,

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Primitive Stars said...

Morning, really cute little toadstool, Francine.