Wednesday, July 24, 2013

~ Green Acres ~

 One of the best things about going to my Virginia shows is spending time with my family on their small farm...It's appropriately called "Briar Patch Farm" because there are a few briars living there!!! ... Just kidding!! My family couldn't be more close knit...We just love to pick on each other.
 I like to grab my camera and walk through the barnyard and gardens because inspiration is everywhere...If nothing else, the colors are very inspiring...and the animals can be amusing...
Like all farms, this little farm has it's own charm...The barns, fences and sheds all have a weathered appearance and the chickens inspire creativity with their beautiful patterns and colors...
 Honeybee (the cat) just exudes charm lying in "her" red cart...ready for an afternoon nap!
 Berries on the vine look good enough to eat...I almost grabbed a handful!!
Finally, morning glories are the icing on the cake to me...A lot of people detest them because they grow like weeds and take over things...Not me, I happen to think they are beautiful!!
~Stay Cool~
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