Thursday, May 30, 2013

~Kitty Dynamite~

 Okay, by now it is very obvious that along with fabric, wool and primitives...I also have a collection of cats...four outside (she adopted us).  I love to buy them cat toys and boy do they have a toy chest full!!
 While in Petsmart one day, we happened to notice this cute little stick of dynamite filled with catnip...We all laughed in the store and I bought one to bring home...Needless to say, the jokes kept coming when we got home...I mean, cats playing with dynamite is just too ripe for the picking!!
Well, the cats love it so much that they can't pass by  without attacking it!! We have since went back to Petsmart to try to buy  extra dynamite...but they were out. Luckily, we  located them on amazon and  I am definitely buying a few more sticks. If you are not afraid to let your cats play with dynamite, you must let them try this.
You will get hours of entertainment!
Take Care,


Earlene Landis said...

Tina your cats are so darn cute.

Raymond Homestead said...

How cute! I will have to look into that!