Monday, May 13, 2013

~Frogs and Lilypads~

 I just got home from a nice weekend spent with my sweet mama...Living five hours away means that I can't always be there for every special occasion  but I was fortunate to coordinate the family's schedule for this trip...It was a relaxing time spent together by all...So much so, we stayed an extra day!!
 Mama has the greatest small fish pond in her backyard. It started with a few goldfish and lily's and over the years many new occupants have moved in and set up house...
 She has at least five frogs now that have made their homes there...If you have a little time to spend, you can usually find them all...
 However, they blend in soooo well that you can be looking at one for a few minutes without even realizing it!! They are a joy to have around and at night their songs are so soothing to hear.
 After circling the pond many times and searching for them, I guess I triggered a response from this particular frog...He climbed upon a lily pad in front of me and positioned himself as if he was challenging me... I thought I was under attack!!
 This is one beautiful view of The Blue Ridge Mountains as seen from my sweet mama's backyard...She is so lucky to have a peaceful sight  such as this to enjoy...I would have my cup of coffee here every morning if I could...
Finally, this was my helper...His name is Jake and he followed me  around while I did silly things like hunt for frogs and flowers...All he requires is a scratch on his head and a hot dog to make him happy!!
~Hope you had a great Mother's Day weekend too ~
Take Care,

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