Monday, April 29, 2013

~ Break Time~

 Just taking a tiny miniscule break from a busy couple of weeks...I have just finished cutting out some dolls that will be headed up to the sewing room soon... But first, I will be painting the sitting room in a day or two...This was not originally on my radar and I hadn't the slightest thought of painting that
room...However, Sherwin-Williams had such a great sale last week that I started looking for another color...a gray with a little brown in it...It's kind of  mushroomy...I think it will look great!
While today, I was able to stop and "smell the flowers" and "kiss the kitties", the next few days will be really busy... It will be great to get this finished  and sit back and enjoy it for awhile...Thankfully and hopefully this will be the last room painted until next year!!  New room makeover pics on the way ...
Take Care,

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