Wednesday, March 27, 2013

~ Indigo Calico~

 I am a color junky...There, I said it! I enjoy the days that I can spend up in the attic comparing and cutting calicoes...Pulling fabrics from the shelves and placing them together...creating different groups  of colors and blending or contrasting the mix ... Time seems to fly by sooo  fast when I am in my sewing room ...It's just too much fun!!
I picked, cut and pieced  a few blocks together today...Indigo and cream go together so well...Two simple  colors that when sewn together make a  pleasing   quilt combination...I'll be working on this one for the next few days... I know, the brown looks great too...I'll find somewhere  to add a bit of this... maybe as a backing? Who can resist blue and brown?!!
My sewing room wouldn't be complete without a kitty or two taking a well deserved nap by the warm sunny window. EeeBee always gets this window seat and makes a nap look so peaceful...We all think ~ Life is good!
Take Care,


Anonymous said...

I really like the color combinations..
Can't wait to see it finished..

Farmhouse prims said...

Love the colors together too. My goal this year is to take a beginners quilting class. You are an inspiration with all of your talent. hugs, Lecia

The Moonlit Stitch said...

Know what you mean re: playing with the colors/fabric. Love your color choices ~*~Lisa