Sunday, February 17, 2013

~ Snowstorm!! ~

 We were told yesterday that we would definitely be getting snow...Snow is rare here in Eastern North Carolina. The western side gets all the white stuff and we usually just get rain!! But yesterday was different...We woke up to a light gray sky that started to darken as the day progressed...We went from light gray to a nice bubbling dark gray sky by late afternoon!! I could tell the sky was waiting to erupt!! Naturally, I lit a fire in the fireplace and started mending a sweater that my daughter has been waiting for me to do since last November!! All cozy things to do in this situation...waiting patiently for the first flake to fall...
 EeeBee knows also by this point that something is going to happen... Cats sense these things, right?
 Suddenly, the sky opens and the snow starts!! The birds go crazy at the feeders because they are, after all, confused by this white stuff...It's almost like the rush to buy milk and toilet paper at the stores  that we people are drawn to do when snow is forecast.
 I noticed that the doves take another tactic...they hunker down while the  snow blankets their back...not a good strategy...the storm is here!!
 I finally get so excited because it is really snowing at this point and it looks like inches!!!   Instead of enjoying the nice crackling fire, I spend most of the daylight hours running to different windows and getting pictures at every angle  possible ...This is a shot from the upstairs window... See, it's still snowing like gangbusters!!
Our snowstorm ended late last night...It may have only been an inch or two when all was said and done but it was a blizzard to us. As you can see, the sun is out today and the snow is beginning to melt away. It has been about 4 years since we got 2 inches of snow. Yesterday will live in my memory forever...The snowstorm of 2013...
~ Stay warm my friends ~
Take Care,


Angela said...

Good morning Tina, Love your snow pictures. I am a new follower from Ga. so I know how excited one gets to see snow when we rarely do. We were vacationing in the Smokey Mts the last few days and yesterday before leaving for home, it was spitting snow at our cabin. We were so excited to see a few flakes. Made me want to stay.Guess if we got it like our bloggers up north we might see it differently, but for now, I appreciate every little flake. Have a great Sunday.

Deppen homestead 1862 said...

Hi Tina~ I bet you were excited~ Pictures are wonderful Love the fireplace & the kitty ~snowbirds~ winter wonderland!!!Isn't it funny how something different can bring the little kid back in us & make a day fun & memorable!! Enjoy!

ohiofarmgirl said...

Well, Good for you. We have been have little snowstorms all winter but I am thankful that so far we have missed the big stuff. We have had about 6 inches at a time but not much more....I hope that is it for this year...ready for some sunshine and warmer weather! Dianntha

Shuttle, Hook and Needle said...

Eastern NC got more snow than we did here in the mountains! It is cold and windy today but the sun is out. Strange winter for us here in NC.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful pictures of your snow..
Stay warm..
Hopefully it will be gone soon, for the birds anyways..