Sunday, February 24, 2013

~ Patchwork and Paintsies ~

 I  spent last week piecing and sewing this little quilt...It is crib size and I'm taking baby steps , making each one larger than the other...It wasn't so hard to do this time either so I must be improving... My choice block is still the five inch square...I am conquering it!
 I chose the floral piece first and then pulled a few colors from it...I had to try to take a break from blue and brown quilt tops for awhile but they still showed up in this one anyway... It's so hard to change your stripes! While quilting, my thoughts have been stretched in another direction...Paint!! I can't help thinking about it constantly...I have a one track mind.
Paint swatches are taking up my time and scattered throughout the house... Spring is just around the corner and I must paint a room...Every year I get the urge to change a room color...It must be biological or something...My bedroom will be my next target, I mean project... I have  pinpointed my colors and now I am just trying to find the right shade...I have noticed that the color wheel is way  too big in paint stores making it much more complicated than it should be. I usually find the color I want but then spend days agonizing while trying to decide if I want it a shade darker or a shade lighter...aaarrrggghhh.
Sometimes nature has the best colorwheel...If only they could bottle it in the stores ... I think it would lower my blood pressure a tad  ... The sun was warm today, beating down on the deck...These little pansies had to be as happy as they look.
Take Care,

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Anonymous said...

Pansies would not make a day here.Too early.It's freezing here.Can't wait til Spring gets here.Pretty flowers and colors.Have a great day.