Tuesday, January 15, 2013

~ A Wynters Read~

I have been busy working on dolls and piddling around lately...Spending my days sewing in the attic room is always a peaceful retreat. I have so many new ideas for "things" to make and my walnut stain mixture is especially dark this year so the finished ones will look very grungy and primitive...I think I will have a new batch of "stuff" ready for Etsy and EWM in the very near future.

I have always been a history buff...especially (and only) for the Colonial Era.I must have known (or been) George Washington in another life because I love to read and collect everything I can find on him!! He is even always on my blog...somewhere. (footnote: I know my kids are embarrassed after reading that!!) Anyway, I was lucky enough to get a couple of great books including one about George for Christmas from those little darlins that I birthed and raised...I have a growing stockpile and I can't wait to get started reading about the Washingtons and the Adamses this winter. Spring thaw is still some months away so I try to always keep a few good books handy for those cold winter nights.

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