Thursday, July 19, 2012

~ Life's a Beach ~

 Took a little time to get away from home yesterday...I am a real homebody so getting away is always a big deal...Once away though, I manage to live in the moment and enjoy where-ever I may be...The Crystal Coast is a beautiful spot to escape I adapted immediately!!
I even made a friend or two by making eye contact ...Here's some sage advice : NEVER feed these little rats with wings...I have witnessed kind people doing this kind deed and they are swarmed and chased down for any little morsels that they have in their hands... It is however, shameless entertainment and breaks the monotony of the moment for innocent bystanders !!!
~ Have a great day ~
Take Care,


Simple Thyme Prims said...

Ornery aren't they. What a beautiful escape...have a great day.

Primitive Stars said...

Hello Tina, glad you had a little getaway,looks nice. Thanks for the tip on feeding the little rats,tee hee. Happy Friday Francine.

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

How gorgeous! I love to go to the coast every chance I get!