Friday, May 4, 2012

Sleepy Hollow ~ Circa 1775

 Whilst touring cabins in Virginia with my sweet mama and son, a few of them happened to be in a little town called Brownsburg. It is a very sleepy little area with old colonial homes and log cabins everywhere. I would love to live there one day. I would especially like to live at... "Sleepy Hollow".  We go look at it everytime we are in the area...and ooh and aah...
 I quickly had to take these pictures as the owners car was in the car port and it would be too embarrassing to have to hit the gas and get out of there!  It is a lovely old brick (the best kind) colonial...Unfortunately, because it sits back from the road, it's hard to get a direct shot of it... but I tried!
 This is the beautiful "side" of the house...Sometimes the sides are just as beautiful as the front...Love it!!
Sitting near  it, is this lovely two story old brick colonial. I think it must have been the kitchen at one time...or maybe maid or slave quarters...Whatever it was, it's well built and absolutely something to dream about!! The most heartbreaking thing of all is ...It's for sale!!! Alas, I can only daydream... Maybe it will be mine the next time it goes up for sale...
~Have a wonderful Day...Full of daydreams! ~
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AmethJera said...

I love the Sleepy Hollow area; I used to attend a nearby camp. It's a magical place.