Thursday, May 10, 2012

~Falling for Fall~

 We have been enjoying the best weather here lately due to several cold fronts that have been passing through...I really wish that we could just skip summer with all of the heat and humidity and just go directly into Fall!! I know it is only May, but I am beginning to see the beautiful colors of autumn everywhere. Can you believe that I still have a pumpkin left from last year?!

 I do love chrysanthemums and the ones that I have left over are starting to bloom in beautiful deep rich shades of red...
                        ... and who can resist golden orange?
 I am inspired to start picking out wonderful shades of brown, tan, and pumpkin...I always like to stick to the dark and subdued shades of the season...Then dunk them in my dye mixture and make them even more dark and grungy...
Of course, if you are a little princess like don't have to worry about these complex thoughts...All you need is a window  near a bird feeder...and a throne!!
Take Care,


ctlogcabin said...

Tina ~~ I'm with you !!
Never too early to think Fall !!
I too have a Pumpkin that lasted,
I Love it. Hugs ~ Connie xox

Mary said...

My potted mums from last year are growing like crazy, it must be the weather...I was going to toss them but did not get around to it last they grow like found treasures.