Wednesday, April 11, 2012

~The Watering Hole~

 I love birds and have birdbaths and feeders in the front and that I can see them from any window...It was a thrill a couple of years ago to discover that groups of cedar waxwings migrate through and stop annually for a visit...They swarm the birdbath in the back and eat lots of berries from our bushes...I think they are beautiful birds and was so excited to see them!
 I managed to catch more than one perched on the birdbath this morning but they are so fast...and have good ears!! They always seemed to know when I was watching...
 Blue jays come through every spring ...but are gone before the heat arrives...It's always great to wake every morning to the screeching and chattering that they make when they arrive early...and there's no catfood outside yet!!
Finally, this is "Buddy" and he is a frequent visitor on the window ledge...My little kitty EeeBee looks for him at the window and sits glued for hours just watching. Either Buddy is sizing up the fly ...or it's the other way around!!
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An Historical Lady said...

Lovely! Aren't birds grand? I love the birdsong I hear now early every morning. I filled my feeder right outside the window yesterday...
Have a wonderful day!