Saturday, March 24, 2012

~ A New Project~

 Yesterday was spent at Lowes and outside...the plan was to sew a little...but that's another blog!! Anyway, I picked up a lot of herbs for pots and a new project that I'll be working on through the summer...
 My son cleared away all of the old bushes and lilys that used to "grace" our front entrance...It was a total mess and he did a great job getting the long and deep roots out of the ground...It looks bare- but better now..
 We planted a row of English Lavendar and Rosemary along the back and edges...I will have to wait patiently for the bee balm and  coneflowers to show up at Lowes or the local nurseries...I had a beautiful colonial primitive garden when I lived in Maryland...It was full of bee balm, coneflowers,sunflowers, and sweet annie...I would love to recreate that here if the conditions are right...Wish me luck!
 This whiskey barrel above was NOT in the plans yesterday!! It was a very good deal though and you know how that goes...Now it sits outside the garage...It does look good filled with geraniums and herbs and it can't be returned  now that it's full of rocks and dirt ...I'll have to keep it! This is what happens when you lose your willpower!!
Finally, I met this little guy when pinching back my pansy pot...He scared the beegeebies out of me when he hopped onto the siding...I screamed and danced when he hopped out ...but if he had stuck to me instead ...I probably would have had a little accident!! On the bright side,  I'm so glad he wasn't a snake, I know they are out there...watching...That's another story!!
Take Care,


Deppen homestead 1862 said...

hi, Tina~ love the whiskey barrel with geraniums~ oh, the beds are going to be filled full~ it will be pretty~hoping you can re-create your bed~ I had to giggle about beebalm & sweet annie~ wheee they make me sneeze~ my beds have them & I pull them out~ or I can't handle it~ but my sister grows it & dries~ the old grainery & chicken house hangs full ~ Sneeze~ giggles~but oh, it is soooo pretty,
have a great day

andyflower01 said...

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