Thursday, February 23, 2012

~ Scraps and Threads ~

This week I have made a little time to spend in the attic sewing room. Like clockwork, there's the urge to try to get a quilt together... However, I have decided to set my sights smaller this time...
In the past, I have had bed quilts as my goal and I have a portion of three quilts waiting to be completed!! ... but this year, I am trying for a lap quilt which is much smaller ...It requires fewer squares and won't be so daunting to quilt together ...This work in progress has lots of blues and browns, this girls favorite colors!
I have a much cleaner and neater room to sew in thanks to my son, Jacob...He spent most of the weekend organizing and color coding all of the shelves...except for my worktable, full of fabrics for THE latest quilt ambitions...Everything looks so nice and I can actually move around freely now...All this for one jacket from Hollister!!...It's well worth it :0)

Finally, my little shadow has her very own place to wait for me as I cut and sew away the afternoon...a nice warm pallette in front of the window to soak up all the suns wonder
the purring is so loud over there!!
Take Care,


Farmhouse prims said...

Wow, your quilt is beautiful!! I love all the fabric in your sewing room, I would feel like I was in a prim fabric store with all of that wonderful fabric. How nice of your son, he deserves that Jacket. Hugs, Lecia

Ann said...

Can you please send Jacob over to organize my fabric closet? He did a spectacular job. ~Ann