Thursday, April 21, 2011

~ Little Kids at Play ~

I went to Virginia this week for a little visit to see my family...My sister and my parents have joined together to raise dairy cows, chickens and goats. My parents provide the land and my sister raises and sells the animals... She always finds something new to bring home and raise!


This time of year, their farm is overflowing with babies but I especially like the sweet little goats ...I think, of all animals, goats are the most vulnerable...They are so friendly and trusting and almost innocent in a way...So when they are babies, they are even more sweet and innocent and they have the cutest little lips too!! I had to stand and snap pictures for a long time just to get these...Most of the pictures were too blurry and had to be deleted!!... All this excess energy comes from a full belly!!

Take Care,


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TheCrankyCrow said...

I agree - I love little kids!! They are so dang cute - and friendly to a fault. Great photos - thanks for sharing....Wish I could have played along! Smiles ~ Robin