Saturday, February 19, 2011

~ Cat Food Bandit ~

I happened to be walking by the back door the other morning and noticed the cats focused on something outside...Naturally, I had to look...I can't help it!! Man o' man was I shocked to see a raccoon on our deck eating cat food - in the morning!! I mean I know that the possums usually finish off the leftovers everyday after dark because I have caught them in the act more times than I can remember...I had no idea, however, that we had a cat food eating raccoon too!! According to what I feed cat food on a daily basis, the opossums, blue jays, wrens, and now raccoons should all "meow"!! The thing that is most disturbing though is that he was out in the morning...He's supposed to be a nocturnal creature, I thought...That's why I waited and watched him go back into the woods before I went out. I hope he's not rabid or anything...
You gotta feel a little sorry for these guys...He's hungry and the woods and fields are slowly turning into roads and developments... I'll feed anything that shows up...and a lot of creatures pop up out of the woods behind us...never a dull moment!!

Take Care,


The Old Cupboard Door said...

Raccoons come up on our deck to feed on the birdseed. I'm always surprised at how big they are. What a great photo, I'm surprised he stayed around for a snapshot.


ohiofarmgirl said...

Be so very careful. Usually they are sick when they are out in the day...and mean too. Dianntha