Thursday, January 6, 2011

~ Wynter Blues ~

I just wanted to check in to say...this is exactly what I have been up to lately...taking pictures of my cats staring out the windows!! I always take awhile to get back on track after the holidays...I don't know why...Others hit the ground running and creating but I always find my mojo later...I'm just sitting back waiting for my creative juices to start flowing...It could be tomorrow...
In fact, I'm hoping it will be tomorrow!! *LOL*
Until then...
Take Care,


PrimitiveJan said...

Hi Tina,
Don't feel alone in your thinking. I am feeling the same sort of lethargy. I have been organizing myself so that when the bug does bite I am ready but I just seem to be lacking of inspiration and need some nice warm sunshine to get the juices flowing again. Right now its just too cold to feel like doing anything creative. This too shall pass. Hehe
Hugs my friend

Anonymous said...

I'm with ya there, where did my mojo go...I'm slowly getting it back together. Love seeing the pics of your kitties..

Robin said...

Your kitty looks EXACTLY like my Champ cat. They could be identical twins!!!!! Have a great weekend.