Thursday, January 13, 2011

~ To the Attic ~

Well, I made my way back up to the attic yesterday and today... I thought I would start the year with the focused determination of piecing and finishing a lap quilt for my dear mother...She has been hinting for one and she has been sooo patient for about 10 years I have to do it!! Last year I decided to make her a patchwork quilt because I thought that would be the most forgiving of quilts for a mere beginner like myself...Boy was I wrong ~ the small pieces were much harder to align than I had ever imagined and it didn't work out... This year I decided to do a larger block and so's working!!
Geez, I hope I don't jinx myself now...I'm actually getting a little confident because the blocks are turning out the same size!! Playing around with all the colors and fabrics is fun too...As you can see, I'm a hopeless fabric-aholic (note full shelves of fabrics) ... and darn proud of it!! I'll post some more pictures as I move along...and clean my sewing room...wish me luck!! ....
Take Care,

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ctlogcabin said...

Tina ... Looks Great, and I'm sure your Mom will love the quilt. I noticed the beautiful fabric right away ... what a suppy you have, that is soooo neat. Good Luck & keep us posted on the quilt.
Hugs ~ Connie xox