Wednesday, October 27, 2010

~ Missing in Action ~

Just checking in to verify that I am still here!! Things are really starting to mush together now and it seems as if I just flow from one thing into another...I have doll bodies lying all over my keeping room...I renamed it "keeping room" because it sounds so much better than living room!
With a little luck and lotsa elbow grease, everything will be "fini" by next week...
The Christmas season always seems to sneak upon me...I take a long breath after the Fall season and realize it's time to kick into gear for Christmastime!! Well, I'm finally in gear now and very busy... My formal change over to wynter will be next week ... We have a special event coming up at Early Work Mercantile in a couple of weeks...You don't want to miss keep a weathered eye on the horizon...aaarrgghh!! I know, what's with all of the pirate talk? ...I live in an area that Blackbeard probably visited in his lifetime and people here are crazy about pirates...I guess it's finally rubbing off...No, they don't talk like pirates here...just me!!
Guess what comes on tonight? ... Ghost Hunters!! ...I'm so happy because there are so many ghost shows on now that I'm practically watching one each night!! I've gotta go take a quick shower and prop my feet up and relax in front of the television...Oh, I"ll have some progress photos on my next post...until then...aaarrrgghhh!!
Take Care,

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