Sunday, September 5, 2010

... Playing Hooky ...

Today was such a beautiful Fall day...The humidity was so low and there was a nice breeze and plenty of sunshine... as perfect as you can get!! I got up this morning with every intention of finishing my goodes for the upcoming show ~Next Week... AAARRRGGGHH!!! I think you know where this is going... Yep, I went shopping instead and was so estatic to finally find mums and pumpkins . I had to get some of both and I spent the day repotting the mums and decorating the house for Fall. If you follow my blogging, you know that I start my search for Fall in mid-July. The stores are always so slow to catch up with me. I sometimes see Christmas items in the store before my beloved Fall...what's up with that?? Anyway I thought I would show you a picture of the mound I have to whittle down during the course of this upcoming week...I feel like crying when I look at it but I have to get it done... Wish me luck...
I have some great photos to post this week of my newly seasonally updated house...So please be watchin'... I know you've heard this before but tomorrow morning I plan on finishing my goodes for the show next week...Please refer to previous paragraph... I hope you all are having a wonderful and relaxing holiday weekend... Take Care and Be Good!!
Humble and Happy,

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ctlogcabin said...

Dear Tina ~~ So glad you had a Fun Day and that you found some Fall Goodies .... I'm with you never too early to have a little Fall I for sure start in Aug. lol Best of Luck getting all your work done.
Hugs ~ Connie xox