Monday, August 2, 2010

...YIPEE!! ...

I'm back...I'm back and I'll bet you never even knew I was missing!!!...Unfortunately my internet modem went kaput last Thursday evening and I just had a repaiman over this morning to pinpoint the problem...Another unfortunate thing is that they don't work on Saturday so I had to patiently wait through the weekend...with NO internet!!! I went crazy... I never knew the depths of my addiction until this weekend...Friends, it's bad!!!
All's well now and I will be listing another primitive wytch on ebay tomorrow evening...So please be keeping a weathered eye open...she's a doozy!!
AHHHH.... what joy it is to be back!!!
Stay Humble,

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Julie - My Primitive Heart said...

I can so relate to that feeling Tina! Our internet went down and I was in the middle of a Giveaway and thought I would chew my finger off from biting my nail!! I never knew how much time I have spent on the computer and this is from the woman who said she would NEVER have one!! I am glad it got fixed and you are now back!! I really enjoy your blog! Happy creating!