Thursday, August 19, 2010

... Flip -side Clyde ...

Things have been pretty busy around here lately...getting ready for the show and for Fall takes a lot of time and effort. My sickness in June set me back a wee bit so I'm trying fast and furious to make up for lost time...
I run here and there and everywhere when busy...I get a little scatterbrained sometimes though ...I leave my scissors all over the house and then I have to backtrack and find them and I love to look out windows when I go in a room searching ...(Yes, I'm very nosy but it's in my genes )...I just happened to see these two little squirrels doing something very strange...They were stretched out , upside down , eating a nut, on a tree!! I've seen these squirrels do weird things here before ~ but this one takes the cake!! I just had to grab the camera and get a shot of them...
It reminds me of that gadget on the commercials that I want to get one day. It flips you upside down to relieve pressure on your back...It looks so relaxing...Thankfully, I don't have to hang onto it with my toes like they do on the tree... I couldn't handle that!!
Stay Humble,

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