Thursday, July 22, 2010

... Wytches Garden ...

Whilst watering "My Precious", I am always watchful of my surroundings...The last thing I want to do is step on a freakin snake! So I look around and down before taking each step... insuring a longer life...You see, I would die of fright if I got too close to a snake ... He wouldn't actually have to bite me ... Anyway, I have noticed quite a few creatures who always seem to be watching me water that darling little coneflower of mine ... I normally wouldn't appreciate all of this attention from so many creepy creatures. However, I am getting all wrapped up in Fall and Halloween right now ... so it's great!!
~ I just think of them as my Wytches Garden... ~
Stay Humble,

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michelle said...

what a creepy froggy he is.u can barely see is your precious doing?have a great night.blessings michelle