Sunday, July 18, 2010

... My Precious ...

You are looking at an ordinary, everyday coneflower nothing special about it but for me it's ... "My Precious". After returning home from the hospital a few weeks ago, I was sitting in my chair thinking and dozing in random order... Suddenly an idea came to me! I usually visualize my ideas so I was dreamily picturing(in my mind) the perfect spot for a coneflower in the yard. I love coneflowers and unfortunately I have killed so many in the past trying to plant them somewhere that they didn't want to be... However, I have never given up hope because I gotta have one!... It's almost like an obsession...
Luckily, this time I figured out THE perfect spot (I hope)... and naturally, I had to buy a coneflower right away so I immediately started looking the next day. I thought it would be a cinch...This is summer and coneflowers are definitely a summer flower... so no problem... Well, I became a weekly visitor at Lowes for the past few weeks...asking and searching and hoping... with no luck... Until that fateful day (I forget the date), I preyed upon this one...the last one they had... Oh joyous day!!
Ever since its arrival , I have been so happy. This coneflower has been pampered and babied for this last wonderful week that it has been in my world...I go out and water it in the morning and in the evening...faithfully. I know I will never be thanked or appreciated... Just having it live though is enough thanks for me... really!!
Stay Humble,

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michelle said...

lowes is so awesome to get flowers.we always get all ours on clearance,give them a little love and come the following year they r just beautiful.enjoy your "precious".i luv that saying (lord of the rings)blessings michelle