Monday, April 12, 2010

...A Visit Home ...

This past week was Spring Break for my daughter so we all packed the car and went to visit my parents in Virginia... A few days to get away and clear the mind is always welcome. After getting there, we decided to add an extra day.
As usual, we had a wonderful visit and Virginia is so green and beautiful right now. The trees are blooming and the drive was so relaxing. I always plan a day of shopping and browsing at the local primitive stores and antique malls while there. My area here in NC sadly doesn't have primitive shops so I'm rearing to go and I wear my poor mother out... We have a great time though, even if we are dragging by evening...She's resting up now for my next visit!
I remembered to take my camera and got some wonderful pictures of their barnyard "pets". These animals are so spoiled and almost everything (but the chickens) has been bottle-fed. They are all so sweet and they don't mind hamming it up for the camera which makes it easier for me...the amateur photographer.
Today I will be reorganizing and getting back into the swing of things here at home. There's clothes to be washed and projects to pull out once again. Visiting is so much fun but it's always so nice to be back home again... Be happy wherever you are and bloom where you are planted...
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