Sunday, April 4, 2010

...Me and Nanny McPhee...

Today was a truly relaxing day in every sense of the word...After church, I managed to sew and stuff some items and get a base ready for a beautiful pincushion that I am finally getting around to finishing... We ate Easter supper later in the day so I gradually made twice-baked potatoes and deviled eggs to go with our ham as the day progressed...Happily, everything came together in the end and we are all stuffed at this point...Now it's time to relax some more!!
As I was piddling around today doing all these little things, I was drawn into the wonderful and creative world of "Nanny McPhee"...I have watched it a number of times up to this point and it always has the same effect on me in the end...smiles and tears...It is such a wonderful fairytale and so colorful too...I love it when "Nanny McPhee" first appears and her saying "When you need me but don't want me I'll stay but when you want me but don't need me I'll leave." The fairytale is classic in so many ways. There's a band of cute kids, a caring but distant father, a deceased mother, a strict matriarch and a perilous situation...Oh and did I mention, a beautiful and humble scullery maid who secretly loves her employer...Thank goodness he secretly loves her too and it all works out in the end or I'd really be upset!! I do always cry at the end of this movie but the funny thing is, I always have a huge smile on my face because I'm happy too...Wow what a movie!! It's always nice to wrap yourself in a fairytale and live there while it lasts...It's also the perfect way to spend a quiet Sunday afternoon...I hope you had a peaceful and Happy Easter also...
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Robin's Egg Bleu said...

I LOVE Nanny McPhee! Favorite McPhee quote: "I did knock."