Monday, November 9, 2009

...The Orkin Man Cometh...

Let me just start by saying...North Carolina has to be the buggiest state I've ever lived in!! I have lived in quite a few states over the years but never faced the armies of bugs I am dealing with here...I think it's because the temps never stay low enough in the winter to totally kill off the little pests and they just keep procreating...Recently I have found myself in a no-win situation with fleas....No matter how many "bombs" I would put off or how many boxes of Frontline I would buy, I would always find fleas in my carpet and on my kitties...Well, today I called in the big boys and I'm feeling a lot better. I have a nice Orkin man named "Rob" who came armed with an arsenal of bug sprays and foggers and has lifted a weight off my shoulders...Thank you "Rob" from the bottom of my heart!
While "Rob" was busy spraying my house from top to bottom ~ inside and out, I spent the afternoon on the deck with three very upset housecats in crates...It was not a very productive day but well worth the inconvenience...While outside, I noticed this bush with these beautiful berries~ a last shot of color before winter ... Joy is in the simple things in life...until next time...
Take Care,


Black Sheep Lisa said...

I dont know bout other states, but i am in total agreement with Eastern NC! I live in Seven Springs, NC between Kinston and Goldsboro. We use Comfortis for our dogs. I dont know if they have it for cats, but it is a pill they take by mouth and it works great!! We live on sandy land and the fleas love it here, along with the ants!!

ctlogcabin said...

Hi Tina ~~ Happy to hear your problem is now in the hands of a pro...Good Luck !!
Hugs ~ Connie xox