Monday, October 26, 2009

... An Interview ...

As some of you know, I'm an avid reader... I read a couple hours every night... I have trouble relaxing and have a hard time dozing off if I don't get to pick up a book... I wish I had some record of how many books I read each year, I would probably impress myself...but I digress, enough of this praise for myself (from myself!) LOL
Anyway, I just happened to be in the mood for vampires and I had tried reading this book in my early twenties and had to stop...blood made me weak then and I didn't get very far... Flash forward twenty odd years and reading this book doesn't seem to be an issue...I guess I'm desensitized or something! Well, I'm almost finished with the book and it's not that bad...
As usual, the movie is not so easy to find...By the way, this always happens to me. I catch onto these things years and years after everybody else does! Brad Pitt is in this one too...I never watched any of his movies when he was in his prime...that's probably why he is showing up in everything I grab lately!! The Scy-Fy channel will be airing it this friday at 6:30...I'm there!!
If you've ever read it or seen it...please let me know what you think...
Take Care,


kim said...

Oh yes, you missed him at his prime but he still has it! Of course the book is better than the movie but enjoyed it anyway.
take care

Robin's Egg Bleu said...

The first time I read that book, I was staying at my grandmother's very old house and having trouble sleeping. Why I thought reading that would make sleeping any easier is beyond me. In my twenties too. Something slammed into the window behind my head (a bat?) and scared the living life out of me.

My girls are all into this Twilight stuff, and I told them they wouldn't know a good vampire show if it bit them in the neck.

Tomorrow night we are having vampire movie night, and I am MAKING them watch Interview...which they had never heard of. They'll still probably favor their Twilight blood suckers, though.

Constance said...

I loved that book. I think I read every book in the series and also the Mayfair Witches also by Ann Rice. I did see the movie and enjoyed it but I loved the book more. If you get the chance try reading the rest of the vampire series that she wrote. You will enjoy them.