Saturday, September 5, 2009

...Ahhh... Fall...!!

Just thought I would check in to my blog for a minute... I have been busy trying to juggle everything and meet every deadline...I got my listings on The Primitive Gathering on time and I have even managed to keep something on ebay every week...I do have a darling little wiccan coming up next week!... I'm doing all this while The Primitive Show at Notforgotten Farm looms on the horizon...I actually didn't realize how little time is left before the show, until my rude awakening this morning... Things are moving at a fast pace here and I keep telling myself how I will long for these days when things slow down over the winter!!...
On a lighter note, I have been playing tennis with my daughter bright and early every sunday morning...She's on the school tennis team this year and I was on my high school tennis team many, many, many years ago...I have to say, even though I'm dragging and begging for a bench and water, I really, really enjoy it! We play for two hours straight and these old bones are definitely not what they used to be... I have learned a valuable lesson in this: I may feel seventeen on the inside but after we play...I know how old I really am!!! LOL
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Suzanne said...

Happy Fall-ish to you! We are starting to get the cooler mornings...can't wait for Fall to get here too!

Sounds as if you are really busy...good luck on your show, or getting ready for it! :)