Sunday, August 2, 2009

... A Work in Progress ...

I love using fabric... collecting it, daydreaming about the perfect way to use each print, and choosing the one and only calico or homespun that makes everything "POP". Nothing is grander than the pleasure of having everything come together for just the right look!!
My mama knows of my love for fabrics and the horribly big "stash" of material I hide in my attic sewing room. She has been hinting for years for a scrap quilt and Lord have mercy I can fill that request!!! I have been working here and there on it and have had a few set backs that have caused me to start all over a couple of times. However, it's been very enjoyable and I do love to play around with the colors and prints. So who knows, maybe another venue is about to open? My goal is to have it pieced and quilted before Christmas...wish me luck...I'll need it!!
I'll try to keep a progress report and photos along the way...

Take Care,


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kim said...

I love your quilt so far! good luck with it.
take care Kim