Monday, June 15, 2009

...It's Monday Again...

Here I am sitting at my computer again monday evening with a very strong urge to write something interesting...I have a computer routine that is set in stone. I always check my email and do some "surfing" every morning and every evening. However, I get this longing to write something inspiring and worthwhile once a week... This is sometimes hard to do because my days are not always eventful...especially now that we are in a summer mode...I have declared every week of summer a "Stay at home and save money" event because I have this cool Queen Anne desk that I have my sites set upon and I would like to be able to comfortably purchase it without any regrets! As you can see, my "events" will likely be about things that happen here at home in the future...Occassionally, I do surprise myself with an odd theory or thought.. I will be looking for that inspiration from within so stay tuned...
I have to say that I have been inspired in my creations lately...inspired by Autumn... when pumpkins and witches are created in my attic sewing room... I spent some time up there today and in a week or so I will be able to post a few new crones of mine...Since I don't have a picture at this moment, I thought I would put up a picture of my mama's "witches broom" plant. I love the name but don't know how it got it! It's very spooktacular anyway!!
Take Care,

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Suzanne said...

Your summer plans sound like ours! Although, I don't have a cool Queen Anne desk to save for...any pics?
But, there are LOTS of other projects that require money to be saved!
Looking forward to seeing your Autumn creations!