Sunday, May 17, 2009

...Weekend Air Show...

This past week has been pretty action packed...the school year is winding down and with a sophomore and senior in the house, I have had to be a taxi cab of sorts...we have been saving up to get an extra car but that hasn't happened yet! In the meantime, I have been making sure that everyone makes it to their appointments and that has been very hectic for me the driver!
On Saturday, we went to an air show at the Marine base in Cherry Point, NC. What a blast! I have never been to one of these shows but I have always been fascinated with airplanes. When I'm outside and hear a plane overhead, I always have to spot it and keep a bead on it until it flies out of sight...I also do this for birds but that's another story! The show was great and the pilots were amazing. I already know that I want to go to the one next year!! The downside to all this fun though has turned out to be a bad case of sun face is dark red, swollen and leaking pus...I know, I sincerely hope you aren't eating anything while reading this...I have been taking it easy today in front of the fan and with plenty of water on hand to keep hydrated...I think in another day I should be close to normal...I'm staying out of public for now...on the down -low!!
I hope to get some things posted this week on the website and/or picturetrail...I have been steadily sewing and creating behind the scenes...Be watching for new updates!
Take Care,


Suzanne said...

Goodness! I hope you have healed by now...sounds like a fun day, but OUCH!
:) At least you can stay inside and create! Looking forward to seeing your new offerings.

Liam said...

Just taking a blog stroll.