Friday, February 13, 2009

..... Busy, Busy, Busy .....

Things have been pretty hectic around here ... I always seem to lose track of time each week... My trips to Raleigh twice a week seem to zap my energy and my motivation... I only have about a month left of training to go. It has been a nice adventure but after seven months, I am ready to see a light at the end of the tunnel... It's nice that we are seeing results in our son and that's the whole purpose for going!!
I will be a part of "The Primitive Gathering" starting March 1st and then the first of the month from there on... I usually don't mention these things early because I don't like to jinx myself but I am very excited to be a member of this great group... Please be watching and keep your fingers crossed...I'd hate to be jinxed!!
I may not be writing again til after the weekend so...I just wanted to mention that Sunday is going to be a great night...That hunk of a man aka Tom Hardy will be on "Masterpiece Theater as a bad guy this time but... who cares!! You know where you can find me Sunday night... I'll be sure to let you know what I think of his performance next week!
Have a great weekend and eat lots of chocolate... Happy Valentines Day!
Take Care,


Suzanne said...

Just came over to say,"Happy Valentine's Day", and I'm glad to see you'll be with us on The Primitive Gathering!
Hope you have a great weekend with your family.

Thistlebrooms said...

Needed to say ~A Happy Valentines Day~ to you to Tina...
AND I think Heathcliff Is HOT too!!!Oh My he should NEVER be that unhappy...
Way Cool picture you have on your Blog there!!!
My Best...Marilyn